AI For Irrigation Automation

Harvester leverages the power of artificial intelligence and IOT sensors in the orchard to give growers the confidence to know exactly how much and when to water each area of their landholding.

The Tech

Harness Artificial Intelligence & IOT to Improve Tree/Vine Health.

Easy to Understand

Harvester will tell you exactly when and how long to run your variable rate irrigation to maximise irrigation productivity and tree/vine health.

Backed by Science

Harvester is a collection of algorithms that simulate future rainfall and irrigation on each area of the orchard as well as the water lost by plant and soil transpiration.

Integrate with Ricado Remote Control Technology

The future of horticulture - Harvester's automated irrigation monitoring and scheduling technology can integrate with Ricado's remote irrigation control systems unlocking complete automation of water to your crops.

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Zero effort is required to begin using Harvester’s precision irrigation technology. Simply sign up, send through your orchard/vineyard map. Harvester technicians install the sensors, sample the soil and your set.

Remote Monitoring

Harvester uses matric potential sensors in each soil zone on the orchard connected via the cloud.

Dynamic Automated Scheduling

Harvester's schedules are constantly changing based on the near term forecasted ETO and rainfall as well as the fruit growth cycle and changes in soil across your orchard.

AI for Water Optimisation

Harvester's VRI algorithms use machine learning to continually watch your data to ensure accuracy.

Scientifically Understand Your Soil

Each sensor that goes in the orchard gets a moisture release curve generated that classifies the soil and removes any human error in soil classification.

Scientifically Understand Your Plants

Harvester’s algorithms are crop specific and scientifically understand the fruit growth cycle and how water requirements change phenological stages of growth.

Improve Yield

Harvester can improve yield by 5 - 10%, save 20% in water use and save up to 9 hours a week in monitoring depending on monitoring current practices and the size of the operation. This is generally by way of improved fruit size, reduced fruit drop and overall healthier trees/vines.

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